Shamanic Gathering

Thursday 8 June, 2017. 2pm-4pm—Free event


Those who have attended my Shamanic Workshops and those with experience of Shamanic Journeying are invited to attend the Shamanic Gatherings I hold to continue the work and share Shamanic journeys.  The Gathering is for women only and there is no charge for attendance.

This meeting will be held at Full Moon and the ceremony will be chosen to use this powerful energy in the best way.






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WOW!   (Women of the World)

Saturday 27 May 2017. 11am-1pm — Free event.

Chakras and Auras.....spiritual energy and wellbeing.

We have touched on Chakras and Auras as part of previous topics but never actually covered the subject in detail.  So, this month’s meeting will fill the gap!   Summer is almost upon us so this is the last meeting until September and will, hopefully, give you something to think about and work with over the summer months.


We have hundreds of energy centres in our bodies which are called by the Indian name of “chakras”.   Chakras are portals, like vortexes, through which universal/cosmic energy flows into and out of a person.


Seven of these are major chakras and are the most important when working in the psychic or healing fields.  Disturbances in a chakra's flow of the energy can result in disturbances in a person’s health, emotions, mind, spirit, or life.


We will look at the relationship of chakras to the organs of the body and to disease, and  how to balance or strengthen the flow of energy to enhance health and wellbeing.


As there are seven major chakras, there are traditionally seven layers to the aura, each linked to a particular chakra.  With practice, it is possible to “see” or sense the colours of the aura and thus to  recognise imbalances in the energy field.  We will explore and experiment with the energy field to see what can be identified by “sensing”.


WOW! meetings are for women only and require no advanced booking.  Just turn up and join in!  The meetings are held in Dogusbelen which is close to Koycegiz. 


If you would like to keep informed of meetings, look for the Facebook group “We are WOW!” and join up.

Look forward to seeing everyone!