Three owls call from the trees around the house and suddenly a poem writes itself...


Owls on the wing, riding the night

Calling me out to witness their flight.

Spirit of Darkness hiding the light,

Clouds on a moon veiled from my sight,


Sound carried far on a clear night air,

Senses alert to what may be there.

Rustling of grass, whispering leaves.

What scurries there in the old house's eaves?


Owl cries a greeting, my spirit responds,

Wings swoop to embrace me, I rise to Owl's song.

Unfolding my wings, I join in the flight,

As the moon shows her face I soar up to its light.


Spirit of Darkness, Spirit of Night,

Show me the beauty that day hides from sight.

The sprinkle of starlight, the moon's eerie glow,

The sharpness of lightning, shadows on show.

Shapes with no substance, shifting like sand

Changing their contours at Night's command.


Soft cloak of Darkness, velvet of Night,

Wrap mystery around us with absence of light.

Owl cries farewell as it takes to the sky

And stillness descends with the fade of its cry,

Night's mantle of mystery is once more restored,

And wisdom embraced from its dark realms explored.

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Copyright Brenda El-Leithy 2013-17

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Shamanic Gatherings

Those who have attended my Shamanic Workshops and those with experience of Shamanic Journeying are invited to attend the Shamanic Gatherings I occasionally hold to continue the work and share Shamanic journeys.  These Gatherings are for women only and there is no charge for attendance.






















I occasionally hold workshops on Shamanism and other topics related to Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing, as well as  training in Tarot.  Dates are posted here and on Facebook. Please contact me if you are interested in arranging or attending a group workshop.


WOW!   (Women of the World)

Saturday 25 November 2017. 11am-1pm — Free event.

Emotional Health and Healing

Emotional wellness isn’t about the problems you have in your life — everyone has those. It’s more about how you approach the problems in life, and how much you’re able to manage the emotional impact of events and situations.

We all pay attention to our physical health, and if we are sensible, we do what is necessary to heal an injury or illness BEFORE it becomes a serious problem that affects our general wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

Why then, do we not follow the same pattern for our emotional health?  Why do we not heal an emotional situation BEFORE it becomes a serious problem that goes on and on and infects every aspect of our life?

We suffer emotional injuries just as often as we do physical ones, but we are much less likely to look after our emotional health than we are our physical health.  Part of the reason could be that we simply lack the tools to deal with emotional injuries, or implement the preventative care that could avoid injury or reduce its impact.  (Emotional Health & Safety! )

So, at this meeting we’ll be looking at some common emotional ”injuries” and how to manage the experience in a way that will relieve the distress of the events and prevent them from having long term consequences.

Achieving emotional health and healing is an active process that involves not only identifying emotions but also shaping how we think about them and how we act (or refrain from acting) on them.  No-one is in a better position to do this than yourself – so this a DIY project!

Not sure that a couple of hours will be able to do justice to this topic, but hopefully you’ll go away with a few tools and whole lot to think about!

WOW! meetings are for women only and require no advance booking.  Just turn up and join in!  The meetings are held in Dogusbelen which is close to Koycegiz. 


If you would like to keep informed of meetings, look for the Facebook group “We are WOW!” and join up.